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Robert Mond

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"Mond’s madly inventive brainstorming, which approaches the superhero genre with refreshing ambition."
"it becomes clear how much thought Mond has invested in his screenplay, particularly its structure"

The Guardian - Luke Buckmaster

Short Films


Robert Mond is a Melbourne based comedy writer and director. Robert made his feature writing and directorial debut with the film The Subjects in 2015. The dark comedy took a subversive look at the superhero genre and received excellent reviews, “It’s a wild ride, built around constantly surprising the audience and offering them something quite different” - The Guardian.

Growing up in Caulfield, Victoria, in a religious Jewish family, Robert fell in love with films at an early age. Working in video stores and performing stand-up comedy, Robert’s foray into filmmaking began with short films which gained early success, screening at festivals around the world including New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne.

In 2006 Robert was hired for his first television job ‘Quizmania’ for Fremantle and The Nine Network Australia. He continued his work in television producing on the game show 'Temptation'. Later, Robert would be hired as the showrunner for 'Kids’ Warner Brothers', a variety/comedy show using the Warner Brothers license. During that time Robert wrote, produced and directed hundreds of hours of live comedic skits, comedy stories, celebrity interviews and travel stories from around the world to entertain Australian kids and teens.

In 2014 Robert was invited to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival where he performed a show on his life growing up in a religious jewish community and his experience looking for loopholes in the restrictive laws. The show received incredible reviews and seeded the idea to create the series ‘Schmuck’, the true story of Robert's experience in the religious jewish community and his ultimate choice to leave it at the age of 23.

In 2019 Robert associate-produced, co-wrote and edited ‘The Very Excellent Mr Dundee’, a feature length comedy starring Paul Hogan, John Cleese, Chevy Chase and Olivia Newton John, released on Amazon Prime in 2020. Robert also co-produced and edited ‘That’s Not My Dog’, a concept comedy feature film starring Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson in 2017.

Robert has a distinctive comedic voice from his experience growing up in the religious Jewish community and his background in stand up comedy and storytelling. He has continued to use this unique voice to tell diverse and hilarious stories.



2020: The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee – Feature Film | 88 Min | Co-Writer, Editor, Associate Producer
2018: That’s Not My Dog! – Feature Film | 87 Min | Co-Producer, Editor
2015: The Subjects – Feature Film | 78 Min | Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
2015: Open Slather – Comedy Series | 30 Min | Behind the Scenes
2014: Face – Short Documentary | 4 Min | Wrier, Director, Editor
2012: Love’s End – Short Film | 7 Min | Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
2011: Reception – Short Film | 6 Min | Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
2008 - 2013: Kids Warner Brothers – Variety Show | Warner Brothers & Nine Network | 120 Min | Producer, Show Runner
2007: Quizmania – Game Show | Nine Network & Fremantle Media | 240 min | Producer

"Robert Mond’s film is incredibly entertaining, peppered with a cool acerbic wit"

"With momentum building, so does the level of intrigue as to how this mind-bending puzzle will reach a resolution, which when it comes, underlines an impressive sleight of hand by Mond to grasp his movie by the lapels and uproot it seamlessly to another dimension. An impressive achievement." - Dave Wain


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