Australian Comedy Writer & Director

Robert Mond

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee has it's first announcement.

Over the last couple years I co-wrote this script with Dean Murphy. We can't wait to tell you more and of course show off the amazing cast. But first I thought I'd mention that the article linked says I may have worked with Paul on Open Slather. I actually only did a single day on that show shooting some behind the scenes for an early promo.

I actually met Paul the very day the picture in this post was taken. I was working hard on The Subjects when Dean and Paul thought they'd play a little prank on me. Right after this photo was taken, Paul called me by a very specific nickname he couldn't have possibly known. And if he did know it...what crazy stories had he been told about me!? Paul then walked out with a smile as I fell to floor laughing. How on earth did Paul Hogan know that embarrassing nickname!? Of course the answer is the ever prank master Dean. Something tells me this wont be the last prank they pull on me.

It's so incredibly exciting a year after this photo was taken I'd be writing for the great man himself.

Lots of good stuff to come.