Australian Comedy Writer & Director

Robert Mond



The Subjects: The film that changed my life.

Four years ago today I called that’s a wrap on my first feature film The Subjects. A year before I worked on it I was in a pretty shit way so I decided to stop the trajectory of my life and try and live my dream of being a filmmaker. 6 months of writing, 6 weeks of prep, 12 days of shooting and huge year in post. For those close to me you’d know it really was the most life changing experience. Something I think about every day. So on the four year anniversary I wanted to thank the incredibly cool and wonderful people who worked their ass off, invested their time, money and came along for the ride with me. I have made life long friends and your help and work changed everything. I fucking love you all! Only days away from the biggest project of my life I can’t help but get all emotional when I remember this day. Oh now I’m getting all choked up. Shut up I have dirt in my eye!

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The Very Excellent Mr Dundee

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee has it's first announcement. A big new Australian comedy with the legend himself. Here we go!

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Love's End - 2013

Love's End was my first asttempt at a more professional short film. I always thought the moments before a person turns into a zombie to be the most interesting. So I got some awesome friends, some lights from the TV studio I was working at and a hell of a lot of fake blood. This film was the first time I worked with Katharine Innes, Josef Gatti and Luke D'emanuele, all who would later work with me in The Subjects. This film was an official selection of The LA Comedy Short Film Festival.

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