Australian Comedy Writer & Director

Robert Mond

The Subjects

The Subjects was my first feature film. I left a job producing TV to undertake my biggest project. Much like Robert Rodriguez famously did on El Mariachi I took a note from his book Rebel Without a Crew and decided to throw myself at as much as I could, hoping to learn everything I could. I even got the idea of a clinical trial from the story of how he made his first film. That coupled with a crazy day at Comic-Con in San Diego listening to people talk about how much they wanted superpowers I had my movie idea.  I wrote, directed, produced and edited this indie anti-superhero film with two years of hard work. I got to work with and meet some of the finest people in the industry and together The Subjects was born. 

The Guardian - "A Wild Ride" 

Starburst Magazine - "Game Changing"