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Robert Mond



John, Paul and Robert

Working with the legends Paul Hogan and John Cleese It's a crazy feeling sitting in-between a legend sandwich. Two of the most iconic comedians, and then me, in the middle having written for both of them. What I enjoyed so much about working with these two geniuses is how often we would talk about comedy itself. Where it's going, where it's come from and the shared comedians that inspired us. Having that conversation with two people that inspire you can become quite odd, but it's only then you realise even the greatest comedy minds are first and foremost fans of comedy. Both John and Paul at different times have told me they love my writing and it's honestly a compliment that has kept me writing passionately. But most importantly I just can't wait for people to see them in The Very Excellent Mr Dundee. Their scenes are so much fun!

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Reception - 2012

For years, I was making short films with my one-chip Sony Handicam on  mini DV tapes. Then a game changer, the Canon 7D was introduced. I saved up all my money and purchased one, accumukated a few lenses, and my world of filmmaking opened up. Reception is the first film I made where I worked on colour grade, seperate sound, final cut, rigs, lesenses and everything else. This is the short film where it all started. I hope you enjoy. Official Selection of the St-Kilda Short Film Festival and the New York Iron Mule Festival.

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The Subjects

The Subjects is my first feature film. I left a job producing TV to undertake my biggest project to date. Much like Robert Rodriguez famously did with El Mariachi I throw myself at as much as I could, hoping to learn everything I could. I got the idea of basing the movie on a clinical trial from Rodriguez's book Rebel Without a Crew. That, coupled with a crazy day at San Diego's Comic-Con and hearing people's desire for superpowers, I had my movie idea.  I wrote, directed, produced and edited this anti-superhero film and got to work with some of the finest people in the industry. After two long painstaking years, The Subjects was born. "A Wild Ride" - The Guardian "Game Changing" - Starburst Magazine

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